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Created by Christian Pircher

Silvano Piras – Bio-architect - Cagliari

Delegate-member of ANAB ("National Association for Bioecological Architecture")




Silvano Piras lives in Cagliari, where he carries out his work as a freelancer architect, focusing especially on natural architecture and raw earth.

He is specialized in “Appropriate Technologies, settlements in developing countries” of which he

followed the course at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

He takes care of social architecture and designed for some municipal administrations, some public works, some of which in collaboration with other architects: the restructuring of Sadali and S.Giovanni Suergiu cemeteries, the multifunctional center and the recovery of the old municipality of Sinnai and Samassi’s library, realized with clay blocks and other natural materials.

His main activities concern green building and raw earth architecture, material with which he designed and realized houses in Poggio dei Pini, Castiadas, San Vito and Vallermosa, tourism structures in San Vito and Flumminimaggiore and some traditional building recoveries (in Porto Pino, San Sperate, Pirri, Quartucciu).

He organized the “Course for the realization of vaults and domes made in raw earth” that was held in San Sperate.

He designed and coordinated the professional training course for masons of ISFORCoop, on themes such as the recovery of traditional buildings made in stone and raw earth and the usage of ecological materials of new constructions.

He also takes care of environmental designing: he coordinated the work group of the Life-Nature Project “Piscinas Dunes – Arcuentu Mountain”, on request of Cagliari’s province.


Contacts: Tel. 320 1157083