Roofs, Pergolas and Wooden Roofings

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Created by Christian Pircher

Roofs, pergolas and wooden roofings



Pergolas and  roofs are fundamental elements in the garden because thanks to the protection and shelter they offer, they can preserve many things from weathering and you can choose different pergolas and roof styles based on the appearance and features of our home.


In the garden you can create or place some roofings in order to protect things and people. The most common ones are pergolas and roofings. Pergolas and roofings can be realized against a house wall or away from it, through a structure fixed to the ground. With a pergola put against a house wall you can also realize a veranda, that is a covered space that can be used as a dependence, a study room or a room to relax. Pergolas and roofings can also have a decorative value. Realized with pretty versatile and refined materials, roofings can enrich the aesthetic appearance of a building and they can also serve to help the rain water drain and protecting windows and entrance doors from humidity and strong wind gusts.

Wooden pergolas enable the expansion of external living spaces, creating an harmonious and unique environment able to give a touch of personality to the houses, making the external environments unique and charming through soft and sinuous lines. The multiple solutions in wooden roofings allow you the maximum personalization in the realizations: they adapt to every need, making entrances, walkways and car parks look unique, in any shape or size, studied to make every piece unique and valuable, to complete in harmony the surrounding architectures.