Green Building Houses

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Created by Christian Pircher

Why choose a wooden house?



• Wooden houses have the capacity of providing thermal insulation that leads to a 40-50% more energy saving compared to the normal constructions.


• They guarantee a good resistance to earthquakes.


• Wood is a natural element, unique and irreplaceable, that has always been part of our lives.


• For its production only water, solar energy and carbon dioxide are needed, it then grows as a renewable material that has the needed requirements to build comfortable living spaces.



• An element that unlike others adapts to man’s artistic and design needs, while producing at the same time benefits for the quality of life within the wooden living space.


• Versatility, ductility, lightness, heat resistance: there are multiple benefits that wood usage can offer. With wood it’s possible to create functional and aesthetic personalized structures.


• The wooden house is surely the most ecological. In fact, a 10 cm wooden thick wall isolates as much as an 80 cm thick concrete wall and this means a considerable energy saving.


•Wood constructions represent more than a simple alternative to the classic  concrete house, both from the economic point of view and from the execution time.


• Building in green building means, not only utilizing natural and non-harmful materials, but also  minimizing the use of non-renewable energy sources and reducing as much as possible the impact on health and environment.


• Green building is born as a response to the great ecological disasters, which traditional construction is partially responsible of.


• We need to get used to think in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and benefits for our health.


• The experiences in Northern European countries demonstrate that a well-designed and correctly realized house is the easiest and cheapest way for our environment’s safeguard from exhaust gas and combustion heating systems.


• At this point, the use of insulating materials becomes of fundamental importance since it affects the health of the environment and its own inhabitants.


• Commonly used materials for a traditional house require lots of energy consumptions that deplete natural resources, moreover in their composition there is an important presence of harmful substances contrary to what happens with green building.


• Timber stocks can be guaranteed and improved by balanced management of the forests. These materials are recyclable and produce little pollution.


• Is therefore necessary to develop a new way of building that takes care of the good relation between environment and construction.