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Created by Christian Pircher

Entrance doors/armored doors





Entrance doors keep your house safe.


Robust and resistant, they are  produced with the best technologies and high quality materials to ensure protection against housebreaking and offer you high performances with the same level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Besides being safe and practical, the entrance door represents the beauty of your home. If the first impression is the one that counts, houses’ external entrance doors already have an important aesthetic function: they have to be in perfect line with the buildings’ personality.

The structure and the opening and closing fitting offer, in terms of safety, performances that are significantly close to the ones of an armored door, therefore they protect your internal spaces effectively.

What we offer you is not a simple entrance door, but a product that will let you live in your home in total serenity, both from the safety and the wellness point of view.




Entrance armored doors for houses, offices and commercial businesses are structured to guarantee a high security. They are divided into six “safety classes” and they are realized with materials and different constructive measures based on the level of protection, they also constitute an important furnishing element and contribute to energy saving, reduction of the dispersion of heat and acoustic insulation.





•threaded anchoring rods embedded in the wall



•possible thermal-acoustic insulation

•external steel sheet

•internal steel sheet

•security lock

•security cylinder


•rod closures

•closing diverter

•double rebate seal system

•strengthening uprights



Class 1


Resists to a burglar who utilizes only physical strength to try to open or eradicate the door; a class 1 door is suitable to be utilized as a door before stairs with normal risk or as warehouse door containing low value goods.


Class 2


Resists to an occasional burglar who utilizes simple tools to try to force the door, like screwdrivers, tongs, etc; a class 2 door is suitable to be utilized as a door before stairs with considerable risk, as office door and industrial facilities.

Class 3


Resists to a burglar that tries to force the door even with screwdrivers and a crowbar; a class 3 door is suitable to be utilized as a door before stairs with considerable risk, as office or industrial facilities door, as manorial villas door.


Class 4


Resists to an expert burglar who uses even saws, hammers, hatchets, chisels and battery-powered drills; a class 4 door is suitable to be utilized in bank offices, watchmaking offices, hospitals, industrial laboratories and installations, manorial villas.

Class 5


Resists to an expert burglar who even users electric tools, such as drills, saws, etc; a class 5 door is suitable for banks, jewelries, military environments, embassies.


Class 6


Resists to an electric burglar which also uses high power electric tools; a class 6 door is suitable for banks, jewelries, nuclear installations, military environments, embassies.