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How much do Haus Erdas prefabs cost?

To talk about the cost of prefabs we need to talk about parametric costs that have many variables, which depend on many factors: for instance, the typology of the structure, architectural choice, shape and dimension of the building, typologies and dimensions of the windows, etc. In addition there are set prices that affect mostly little structures (for instance cranes, scaffoldings for transfers, etc.). For the turnkey, obviously, besides the grade of the finishings, the typology of the implants, the number of bathrooms and the internal collocation greatly affect the price. Therefore it can happen that 2 houses, while having the same commercial Sq. m, could have different Sq m prices.

Anyway, we can talk about a Sq m parametric price (finishings as per specification and implants according to law):

•  Rough Advanced State from 850 €/Sq. m

•  Turnkey from 1.250 €/Sq. m

The price per Sq. m isn't an accountable entity as there are many variables that influence upon it: shape and size of the building, number of floors, chosen materials, quantity and dimensions of the lockings, etc. Because of this we always prefer to show the client the price for the whole deal of every requested construction.



Do wooden prefabs become dangerous in case of fire?

No it’s the opposite! In case of fire, wooden houses result safer than brick houses. Despite wood being a combustible material, wooden houses are known for a high fire resistance thanks to a surface layer characterized by low thermal conductivity, therefore in case of fire a coal layer will form, that will work as a great insulation, protecting that way the underlying wood from oxygen therefore from fire.

A piece of wood burns easily if very small, on the other hand in case of a big structure, structural wood never burns first, but curtains and other fabrics will burn first. Moreover, when wood burns it doesn’t melt nor deform so that it always leaves room for an escape route to evacuate the building.



Can Haus Erdas houses be built on agricultural land?



Yes, it is possible to build a prefab on agricultural land, provided that dimensions and intended use respect the local municipal building regulations. So, in the majority of cases, it will be necessary to have a minimum plot of land, defined by the municipality concerned, and the intended use of the house will have to follow the rules provided by the Building Regulation (warehouse, storage, animal shelter or other with agricultural purpose).



Are building permits necessary?



Yes. Prefabricated houses, from a urban standpoint, have to be considered in the same way as traditional brick houses. Therefore they undergo the same norms that regulate their construction, building permit included.



But can a wooden wall isolate from heat and cold?



Of course it can! Wood is the material with great thermal insulation values. So much that living in a Haus Erdas house means to effectively save up until 80% of energy.



Who manages the fulfillment of administrative procedures?



Unmovable type of structures, whether being in reinforced concrete, masonry or wood, need all the authorizations scheduled by the current rules as for urban or seismic development, etc....

For the above mentioned typologies of work, Haus Erdas offers the following services included in the price:

•architectural planning, excluding the submission of the documents to the authorizing bodies competent for the territory, that will have to be done by the customer or by a technician you trust who is operative on the zone, who will be supplied of all the developed documents;

•report on the energetic containment of the structure;

•structural calculation, complete with all the scheduled documents;

•supervision of works;

•structural testing;

•security coordination in Design and Implementation phase;

•drafting of the energetic certification;

•obtainment of habitability/feasibility.



Do you sell only standard models or are personalizations possible?



Every single model made by us is customizable and will be processed following the customer's requests. To help you in the choice of your ideal house, on the website there are different design models adaptable to the needs.



Can I submit my project?



Sure, if the customer is in possession of an already approved project from the bodies of competence, our job will be to fully achieve it materially. If instead you don't have any, at our agency there are experienced technicians ready to achieve your dream house following the guidelines provided by the customer.



Are they anti-seismic and safe?



Our houses are regularly calculated by the qualified staff and then submitted to the public works office's sieve, therefore they're classified as anti-seismic and safe.



Are they ecological houses with energy certification?


These wooden structures are 100% ecological houses since only natural materials are used. The energy classification is not provided with the realization of the work but upon request it can be released after compensation of the expert technician.


What is on average the delivery time?



Delivery times for a house with a wooden structure are around 4 months. (This time is to be intended like this except adverse weather conditions).


What are the payment methods?


Payment methods expect a 10% down payment of the value of the building on the contract establishment, an additional percentage when the project is approved from the public institutions to begin the works, while the rest of the payment occurs following the states of progress of the works scheduled in the contract.



Do you take care of the financing?



No, the act of financing is the customer's total concern, but we can suggest you reliable banks that work with us.



What’s the VAT rate?



The VAT rate has a variable ratio from 4 to 10% according to the type of work we are accomplishing and if the customer is the owner of other structures. This percentage can go up to the 22% for some type of structures.



What warranty do Haus Erdas prefabricated houses have?



Italian laws provide a 10 year warranty for any type of construction, Haus Erdas houses are structurally warranted for 30 years!



Can wooden houses be shifted?



No! Wooden houses are not temporary houses, they're HOUSES to all intents and purposes, anchored to a reinforced concrete foundation.